The Notts County FC Official Supporters Association (NCFCOSA) was formally established on 29
March 2014, following an Extraordinary Supporters Meeting (E.S.M) at the Meadow Lane Sports Bar.
The idea for this initiative came in August 2013 when Aileen & Ray Trew, the owners of Notts County
FC, issued a call on the club website for supporters to step forward and create a new Official
Supporters Association that would serve the fans. The democratic committee, essential for the
association, was elected in March 2014, marking the official launch of NCFCOSA.
Fundraising and Support Efforts:
In its early days, the committee faced challenges, but they successfully raised funds through
initiatives such as scratch cards and player forums.
By 2023, NCFCOSA had raised £99,000 for Notts County FC, primarily allocated for equipment for the
academy. The organisation also stood by Notts County FC staff during challenging times, supporting
them through bucket collections.
Academy Assistance:
NCFCOSA takes immense pride in its support for the Notts County FC Academy, particularly during
periods when academy grants were discontinued.
This support encompasses substantial donations and the provision of equipment for the academy,
along with the presentation of a player of the year trophy for those under 21.
Community Engagement:
Beyond football, NCFCOSA actively participates in voluntary work, collecting clothes for Friary to aid
the homeless.
The organisation is also known for its inclusive approach, running a Fans For Diversity Football team.
Communication and Presence:
NCFCOSA maintains an active online presence, boasting a substantial following on Facebook, an
engaging Twitter page, and a dedicated website.
Regular features in the Notts County FC Mag keep supporters informed and updated.
 Act as a direct representative of the membership to the Football Club.
 Promote, preserve, and appreciate the history of the Football Club.
 Engage in fundraising activities for the Notts County Centre of Excellence/Academy and
other specified projects.
 Coordinate events for the members.
Membership and Office:

NCFCOSA offers memberships at a competitive rate of £10, featuring various benefits.
The associations office is open on match days, conveniently located between the ticket office and
the Foundation. Supporters are encouraged to join as members and seek assistance.
In summary, NCFCOSA stands out as a dynamic and proactive supporters association, playing a
pivotal role in both the football community and broader social initiatives.

Ilkeston Town giving a large donation to David Akers to help with the staffs wages.
Neil Ardely Notts County FC Manager standing next to David Akers on the left end.

Scoreboard donated to Notts County FC by NCFCOSA

Donation from NCFCOSA of tablets to Sam Neal and Bev Helen volenteers in the sensory room.

John Terrington, Alice Kelk, Bev Helen, Patricia Akers, Sam Neal

John Terrington,Patricia Akers,David Akers collecting for staffs wages at Ilkeston Football



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