Honorary members

Hi all. As I am sure most of you are aware, The OSA has it's 10th anniversary this year. So to mark the occasion I decided those involved from its Inception should be rewarded. So with the full backing of the team
Patricia Akers David Akers John Terrington Lois Brough
Have been made Honorary members. I am proud to say they all thoroughly deserve it. Time effort and loyalty in raising funds for no personal gain. That makes them special people.
So to end thank you all so much for all the hard work over the years. From myself and the team at the OSA ❤️❤️❤️

News from the OSA.
A small group of committee members visited the Academy training camp
at Clifton for a photo shoot with staff and academy players.

 The OSA
purchased two goal posts on wheels, as shown in the picture.

The OSA and the academy had planned a joint community day to raise
money for two shelters for our academy, but it is with reluctance this
event has been cancelled.
The OSA was planning a big community event on April 20 th 2024 with a
bouncy castle, street artists, and a football penalty shootout.
Nearly £6,000 is required to buy the shelters. We could not manage to
stage this event on the small car park allocated on Ironmonger Road
with no toilet faculties for supporters with children. To hire two portable
toilet cabins would have taken the profit we made. There was also the
worry of public liability insurance on a car park.
The OSA committee are hoping to move this event to the Clifton training
ground, but have not had confirmation from the Academy Manager.

OSA News 23/02/2024

Fans may already be aware that Mansfield Museum is curating an exhibition about football.

"Football: The Beautiful Game" is scheduled to open at the end of March and will delve into various aspects of football, from grassroots and its origins to the Premier League and WSL. The exhibition will explore themes of equality, diversity, and inclusion within the sport, considering perspectives from both players and supporters. Additionally, it will examine how football is depicted in television, film, and gaming, as well as its governance and the underlying sciences.

The museum will showcase how different groups contribute to supporting individuals, communities, and clubs through A4 display boards featuring their work.

NCFCOSA was invited to participate in the Mansfield Museum exhibition by Kirsty Sanders. Patricia Akers has provided the history of NCFCOSA and expresses gratitude to Kirsty Sanders for extending the invitation to the Notts County F.C. Official Supporters Association.


As supporters are aware, the Official Supporters Association purchased a surfing flag this season and has made efforts to ensure it is displayed at every opportunity. However, adverse weather conditions, such as dampness, rain, and wind, often prevent its use. Furthermore, safety concerns prohibit its display during dark winter evenings. Thanks are extended to Charlie Roach for kindly facilitating the display of the flag on match days.

Charlie Palmer

visiting the osa office prior to the Gillingham game