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Ian Richardson, Les Bradd, Kevin Pilkington, Colin Stater, Mike Edwards, Brian Stubbs, St John, Vicky McClure, Dean Yates, Billy Ivory, John Harvey, Liam O Boyle,

Tony Guy the first NCFCOSA Chairman
handing Les Bradd his membership.2014

A Few words from Billy Ivory. Honoary member of the OSA video below. 

Thanks to Sue 

Thanks to Lois 

When it comes to repping Notts on the telly, Southwell-born screenwriter Billy Ivory is the current keeper of the keys. His CV includes the BBC drama A Thing Called Love, his second play Bomber’s Moon was recently performed at Lakeside Arts Centre, and his adaptation of DH Lawrence’s Women In Love hits BBC4 very soon. And that’s just the local stuff…

Email from John Harvey (author)

Lois …

Good to hear from you with news of NCFCOSA. Happy New Year!
New Year greetings from a cold and frosty North London to all members of NCFCOSA, wishing you and the club all the best for 2024. The sad death of the actor Tom Wilkinson towards the end of last year reminded me vividly of the evening we ’took over’ Meadow Lane to shoot a scene for “Resnick: Lonely Hearts”, in which Tom,of course, played my Nottingham detective - and Notts fan - Charlie Resnick. For the scene, in which Resnick talks to his prime suspect (another Notts supporter!), players from the reserve and youth team were in action on the pitch. 
Health issues, a decidedly dodgy walk, and increased train fares (£100 plus return!!) have kept me away from the Lane recently and resorting to streaming, but the promise of railings being installed in the Derek Pavis Stand should give me the necessary confidence to climb and descend those stone steps once more.
Best wishes,
John Harvey